Shouted lately?



Shouted lately?

hey hey,

Okay, one month down with our new 2023 blog format! I hope you’ve been encouraged by the Wednesday email and the short “word, song and a laugh.”


Today, let’s talk about shouting!


A Word: Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!” Psalm 47:1, NKJV


There is something about “shouting!” God seems to like it when we shout (sometimes by faith!) with a voice of triumph. The Bible is full of stories of God's people shouting, singing and praising God with a voice that sounds like they won! We can join those stories by shouting our praises to God with a voice of triumph before, during and after any battle, project, or assignment is complete. That's because we know that “in Christ” because He won, we win!


We've shouted by faith many times while in the heat of the battle and prior to seeing the actual victory. And God has always been faithful to lead us to victory. When life is hard, it's easy to miss the importance of "shouting" by faith, but it's in the shout that the Lord sometimes knocks down walls! Are you in a battle? It's time to "shout!"”


These days, (we are in a great season to shout!) after nearly 32 years of pastoring Valley Family Church, my husband and I are just about to enter "semi-retirement" -- that is, we will “retire” from serving as the Senior Pastors as we the baton of Lead Pastor to our son and daughter-in-love. And, we will continue to serve as the Founding Pastors, Bible teachers and Pastoral Advisors for some time to come.


It’s an exciting season and there is a shout of victory in our hearts — a sense of fulfillment in knowing that we have followed His call to plant and lead VFC all these years, a sense of satisfaction when we think about the eternal fruit He has produced and a very real joy in knowing we are turning the VFC congregation over to very capable hands and hearts.


We could miss this moment -- this moment to "shout" and praise God by staying busy and moving to the next thing, but we don't want to do that. We want to live in this moment to celebrate all that the Lord has done, all that He's brought us and our church family through, all of the eternal fruit He has produced ... and all that is to come. The best way to own the moment is to "shout to God with a voice of triumph!"


So, do you have something you should be celebrating? Maybe it's time to shout!


A Song: Here are a couple of old songs to stir up the “shout” within you. No matter what you are going through through — be it a challenge or a major victory — shout to God with a voice of triumph!


Shout to the Lord, by Hillsong - the heartfelt and classic song - sing it loud!


Shout Unto God, by Hillsong United - go ahead and have a praise shout-fest!


Jesus Gave Me Something to Shout About, by Rhema Singers and Band - an oldie but goodie from a Campmeeting - enjoy every second!


I hope you have a great time shouting!

peace, love and blessings,


A Laugh: Shout to the Lord for tacos!

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