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your secret weapons

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In today’s blog, I want to share “A Word, A Song and A Laugh” to talk about your secret weapons!




“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”

Revelation 12:11


Did you know we have secret weapons? You do!


When you watch the news or read your Twitter feed or listen to the prognosticators — it’s easy to forget you have power over all the power of the enemy!  When the enemy comes knocking on your door — with paralyzing fear of a terminal disease; temptations of pride, lust or greed; anxious thoughts of another pandemic; panic about the safety of your kids; thoughts of jealousy, anger or bitterness; news reports of domestic terrorists, financial markets on the verge of collapse, a corrupt political system, threats of a nuclear attack or an EMP. What do you do?


Living in defeat, disappointment and fear not God’s best for His children. He wants us to overcome. But how? How do we experience the overcoming life?


We find a clue in Revelation 12:11. We overcome the enemy of our souls by the blood of Jesus, the words we speak and because we are not afraid to die! These three things are secret weapons and give us the upper hand in a world of temptation and fear.


Let’s talk about it.


The Blood of Jesus: His blood is the most powerful substance in all the universe! His blood resounds life! The life for all of humanity is in His blood. His blood brought our redemption and the once and for all forgiveness of our sin. Just as the hymn says, “What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!” Declare your freedom from sin and proclaim the overcoming power of the blood of Jesus that flows in you, your family, your property, your community and your church.


The Word of our Testimony: Our words have power — the power of life and death is in our mouth according to the book of Proverbs. When we testify about Jesus, His goodness, His blood, His Name, His Word, His love and His work on cross and resurrection — heaven backs us up! God has promised to confirm His Word, so when we put His word in our mouth as our testimony, God Himself has promised to confirm it!!


>> This is a big secret to the overcoming life.


What that means is we want to get in the habit of testifying (saying words) that align with God’s Words — and not saying words that are contrary to God’s Word. If God says we are blessed and favored, we don’t say we are a wreck or a hot mess — we agree with God and say, we are blessed and favored. And guess what will happen? We will be blessed and favored. Get the idea. Let God’s Word be your testimony!


Love Not Our Lives to the Death: One of our secret weapons is being free from the fear of death. Coming to terms with the reality that death has no sting for the Christian is a big overcoming moment! As believers, we have already passed from death to life and the fear of death has been destroyed. For believers — it’s a win, win. If we live - we win. If we die - we win. When we live in this reality, the enemy has no power over us.


So today, can I encourage you to use your secret weapons? Don’t let the enemy steal your confidence in God - instead go on the offense with your weapons and declare the blood of Jesus over your life, speak the words of your testimony that are in alignment with God’s Word and live in the reality that death has no power over you as a believer.


BLOG BONUS: In the midst of the pandemic, when church attendance was a struggle and fear was rampant, I shared a message with our Valley Family Church family in Michigan. The message, Why the Gory, Bloody Details?, is one I have taught many times and love to be reminded of. It reminds us of the overcoming life Jesus brought us through His blood. Even today, we still need this message. I hope you are reminded and stirred up by this video teaching.


Why the Gory, Bloody Details? | Pastor Beth Jones

Why the Gory, Bloody Details?




Here are a few songs to encourage you to use your secret weapons to live that overcoming life!


Thank You Jesus for the Blood, by Charity Gayle — an all time favorite — big tears and big praise!!


Plead the Blood, by Chris Davenport, Brandon Lake, Cody Carnes. So, so good — it’s back again this week!


I Speak Jesus, by Charity Gayle. Another favorite!


This Blood, by First Baptist Dallas Choir - this baptist gal and the choir can flat sing…get ready to run around your living room with your hands in the air!


peace, love and blessings,




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