How much longer?






how much longer?

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In today’s short and snappy blog, I am sharing “A Word, A Song and A Laugh” to encourage you when it comes to God’s work in our lives through seasons, timing and grace.




“And He changes the times and the seasons…”

Daniel 2:22


Seasons. Timing. Graces. They are all so interesting. It’s so important that we recognize, yield, obey and flow in the seasons God has ordained, in His timing and by His grace.


By definition, seasons don’t last forever. They change.


By reality, timing is key. Being at the right place at the right time as led by the Spirit is divine!


By God’s divine influence, graces are the empowerment He dispenses to enable us to do what He’s called us do to in seasons and timing.


Did you follow all that?


So what season are you in? A learning, preparing, planting, growing, watering or harvesting season? A single or married season? Stay steady working or enjoy the rewards season? A fight the good fight or sweet victory season?


What about timing? Are you rushing things or moving too slow? Are you exercising patience with your faith? Do you recognize coming or cresting trends? Are you ahead of the curve or always playing catch up? Are you wondering “how much longer?” or saying, “please don’t let it end?”


How about the grace upon your life? Is everything a hard, uphill trudge? Are things easy, flowing and greased by God? Do things come easily or do you live on the struggle bus? Are there things you once did, but now you don’t sense God’s grace in that area? Or, are there things you didn’t do, but now you sense God’s permission to do them?


It’s good to prayerfully take inventory of your life to evaluate these things and to make whatever adjustments you feel led to make.


For Example…


When I think about various areas of my life through the lenses of seasons, timing and grace - things come into better focus. For example, I have been writing a version of The Basics With Beth blog (aka: Just Us Girls newspaper column, Jumpstart Daily Devo, BWB Devo, etc.) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for 19 years, since 2004. (Whaaat?)


So, as I look ahead, (season) - I am asking the Lord, “How much longer (timing) does He want me to write the blog? Is It still relevant and effective (graced by God)?


Is there a new season of ministry where He wants me to share the wisdom and experience He’s given me in a different way? If so, what is His timing on phasing out what I am currently doing and what is His timing on something new and different? Where do I sense God’s grace — His energy and enablement?


I am looking within to hear His voice in my heart. I am also looking to you  (the readers) for feedback.


I’d love to hear from those of you who read the blog. I don’t always know if the time put into writing the blogs is helpful, effective or desired — so, if you would take a few minutes to let me know the answers to these questions that would be great.


>>How often do you read the weekly blog?

>>Does it encourage you?

>>Would you miss it if I phased it out?

>>Why should I keep writing it?

>>What else do I need to know?


As I read your responses and as I seek the Lord on these questions, I will keep you posted on the season, timing and grace associated with this blog.


But, enough about the blog — what about YOU? What are you sensing from the Lord on His season, timing and grace for the things you are doing?




Here are a few songs to encourage you about seasons, timing and grace!


The Rosebush, I wrote this poem after I graduated from Boston University in 1981 — and 42 years later, my son-in-law Zack Spangler surprised me by arranging and singing it to us as we passed the Lead Pastor baton at Valley Family Church. Little did I know how prophetic these words would be 42 years ago. I hope you enjoy.


10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman - I love this song and keep it on repeat. No matter the season, we can bless the Lord.


Good Grace by Hillsong - great song!


Cool Change by Little River Band - this is an oldie song from the 70’s - it’s not a Christian song and we don’t necessarily agree with all the "theology” in the lyrics, but if you listen with your heart, you might sense the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

peace, love and blessings,




How about a Dad Joke as Father’s Day approaches?! :)



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