There are many voices.

“There are many voices and none of them is without significance...”1 Corinthians 14

There are many voices in the world. The Bible told us that long ago. With the advent of social media, it’s truer than ever. These days everyone is a coach, expert or prophet. Be careful of the voices you allow into your ears and heart.

There ARE many voices all vying for our attention. Modern marketers go so far as to say that “attention is the new currency.” 

In a world of many voices, how do we know whose voice to listen to? How do we discern voices that are nothing more than a distraction? Can we tell the difference between “voices” and “noises?”

Any voice that is in alignment with God’s voice -- the Bible -- is a voice worth tuning in to.

Any voice that is contrary to God’s Word -- the Bible -- is a voice to turn off.

Any voice that causes you to become critical toward others is a voice to mute.

Any voice that brings fear, panic, anxiety, confusion or intimidation is not from God -- change the channel.

Any voice that lifts up, honors and exalts Jesus and His Name is a voice worth paying attention to.  

Any voice that denies Jesus as Lord is “antichrist” and should not be given any attention.

Any voice that focuses mostly on self -- its beauty, success or failures -- is preoccupied with the wrong thing -- don’t give it too much attention.

Any voice with a spirit that uplifts, encourages, comforts or exhorts you toward God and loving others is worth your attention.

Any voice that carries pride with a spirit that divides, judges or is self-righteous is a voice to avoid.

Any voice that seduces you into impure, immoral, unethical or illegal behavior is a voice to run from.

Any voice that inspires you to be generous, kind, loving, faithful, joyful or full of faith is a voice to listen to.

So, what voices do you need to mute and what voices do you need to turn up?


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