Ten things I pack when I travel.

The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. Psalm 121:8, NLT

We’ve traveled enough that I’ve finally caught on to packing a few essentials. Here are 10 things I always pack when we travel.

  1. Just in Case Essentials -- I always pack these extras in my carry-on in case of spills, unexpected weather or delayed luggage: extra PJ’s, undies, toothbrush, basic makeup, Qtips. 

  2. Compression Socks -- especially for long flights. I feel like an old lady, but my legs are happy!

  3. Flip Flops -- for those quick jaunts to get ice or coffee -- or in case we find a beach! 

  4. Magnifying Mirror -- Gotta see what needs fixing.

  5. Basic Drugs -- nothing worse than needing a little medical attention and not knowing a local doctor or the language -- so, I always pack essential pain relievers, basic antibiotics and vitamins. 

  6. Bathing Suit -- even if it’s going to be snowing and cold -- you never know when you might find a hot tub or pool.

  7. Comfy Sweatshirt and Jean Jacket -- the weather channel app has lied to me before and when I’ve expected it to be hot at our destination and it turned out to be cold as ice, I am happy to have my fav sweatshirt or jean jacket.

  8. Baseball Hat -- for the bad hair days. I have a lot of hair products to help in almost any weather, but when it’s really humid -- my hair goes as flat as a pancake. Rather than fight it, I put on a baseball cap!

  9. Coconut Oil -- for removing make up, moisturizing skin and giving everything a nice shine!

  10. Ear Buds -- I like to have at least three pairs with me -- wireless, old-fashioned jack for airplanes and modern jack for my iphone...in case my wireless ones aren’t charged. Gotta have options.

What 10 things do you pack?


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