My 10 favorite apps.

I am not a tech guru by any stretch, and I know there are lots of apps I’ve never even heard of or utilized, but nonetheless, other than the standard apps that come with our mobile devices -- here are the top 10 apps I love and use almost every week!  

  1. Blue Letter Bible | Bible study software that has in-depth resources such as commentaries, Greek and Hebrew word tools, concordances and more.

  2. Bible Gateway | Mobile app with devotionals, Bible reading plans, various Bible translations and more. 

  3. Over | Easy, on-the-go way to create great designs or videos with customizable graphics, videos, fonts, color palettes, etc. It’s your graphic design team in an app! 

  4. VideoLeap | So easy anyone can use it. Make great videos on the go without all of the major equipment and export time. 

  5. Aviary | This is a photo editing app that allows you to crop, rotate, resize, flip and adjust colors as well as add captions, effects and filters. 

  6. Candy Crush | Gotta have something to do while I’m sitting on an airplane or waiting in line somewhere! 

  7. Marco Polo | Great way to communicate with friends and family via short videos in a private thread. I love keeping up with friends across the country or my kids across the globe (in Australia!) with this app. 

  8. Notability | A great note taking tool! 

  9. Audible | I am a big advocate of doubling your time. Audible allows me to listen to audiobooks while I’m driving, working or getting ready in the morning. 

  10. Blinkist | Blinkist lets you read the main points and lessons from thousands of nonfiction books in 15 min or less. Great way to keep up with the latest in a short amount of time! 

What apps can you not live without and make your life easier? 


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