How to plan a mystery trip.

It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them. Proverbs 25:2

Mystery trips are fun!

My mom and step-dad started this tradition in our family years ago and we’ve continued it. 

What’s a mystery trip? It’s any random, little road trip that has mystery to it -- for you or for your passengers!

The first time I planned a mystery trip, I took my roommate out for a fun day. I packed up her favorite treats (iced tea, wheat thins and granny smith apples) and planned fun, little, out-of-the way pitstops where we could enjoy our snacks and talk. Sure, we could have hung out in our apartment and talked all afternoon, but the mystery trip made it a fun and memorable day.

I planned a crazy mystery trip for another friend of mine after we had graduated from college and were in a “boring season” of life. I decided to nominate her to run for President -- yes, President of the United States! After I stapled several “Honk if you’ll vote for Michelle for President” posters on the nearby telephone poles, I set up a card table and her official “campaign headquarters” in a boulevard across the street from the Michigan State University campus. She sat at the table and waved as cars drove by and honked. I laughed and took a few photos. It was fun and it beat being bored!

My husband and I often planned mystery trips for our family when our kids were younger and for ourselves now that the kids are grown. Some days, we’ll hop in my husband’s truck and drive to a greasy, out-of-the-way diner for breakfast or to an antique store to walk down memory lane.

We’ve taken our staff on mystery trips that have included a coffee stop, a dune buggy ride and flying kites on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

The list goes on...mystery trips to an apple orchard, a blueberry patch, a flea market, a beach, a thrift store, a playground, a rural farm or a big city -- a trip to have breakfast, lunch or dinner -- everything is on the table! Just invite some friends, load up the car with a full tank of gas and a basket of snacks and take a mystery trip!

Here’s some help to plan your mystery trip:
Who’s going?
What snacks and gear are you bringing?
What pitstops are you going to make?
When will you start and when will you return?

There you go! Have fun planning your mystery trip!


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